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Clientserv provides training programs for end-users, Power Users, and developers alike. Training is provided on-site and is designed to educate users in the specific areas of use pertaining to their needs. The following describes the training programs in detail.

User Training

User training is a two day hands-on class designed to demonstrate all of the features of the Powerface Runtime Engine as well as the Application and User Manager tools.ハ

Day 1, students learn how to query, search, and manipulate data for update. Upon completion, students will comprehend all the editing features associated with manipulating data, as well as, working with reports, and maintaining custom user properties.ハ

Day 2, for Power Users only, students learn how to use the Application and User Manager tools to maintain applications, reports, users and security groups.

Pre-Requisites: Previous experience using Windows applications

Training manuals provided.

InfoMaker Training

InfoMaker, a Sybase product, is a simple Graphical report and data interface development tool. InfoMaker, used in conjunction with the Powerface Application and User Manager tools, enables Power Users to create data interfaces for building custom applications and reports in-house. Topics covered include connecting to various databases, getting around the InfoMaker development environment, and interface design considerations, as well as, standards for designing Powerface interfaces.

This easy to comprehend one day hands-on class demonstrates all the capabilities of InfoMaker and includes information on using the Data Window Generation service offered by Clientserv.

Pre-Requisites: User Training (both days); Previous experience using Windows applications

Developer Trainingハ

This two day hands-on course is for experienced PowerBuilder programmers. At the completion of this course, students will learn how to develop custom interfaces such as Zoom services, Powerface Item interfaces, window interfaces, custom functions, as well as, advanced report development.

Day 1, students learn how to setup the Powerface development environment, learn Powerface standards for application development, and are given a general overview of the Powerface and PowerBuilder class libraries.

Day 2, students learn how to develop custom interfaces.

Training manual provided.

Pre-Requisites: User Training; PowerBuilder background; Limited knowledge of Object-Oriented programming techniques a plus

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